Tuesday, 5 December 2017

3 Accessories That Can Secure Car To The Next Level

Car Accessories

Auto security systems and technology have come a long way over the past decade, making it more difficult for car thieves to steal vehicles and get away with it. Most modern cars come complete with a range of innovative security features. Older cars, however, may be more vulnerable and it can be a good idea to install separate safety KIA accessories to ensure your vehicle is protected. Let’s take a look at three basic but very important safety accessories that should set up on your car.

Glass Break Sensor

An add-on to a standard car alarm, a glass break sensor is a safety accessory that gives your vehicle that little extra security in the unlikely case that someone tries to break the window of your vehicle. Picking up sound waves that are created when the glass is broken, this device triggers the car alarm. This is a handy security feature that is standard in a lot of new cars.

There have been complaints from car owners in the past pointing out that these devices are too sensitive and will set off the alarm at the drop of a hat, so to speak. Technology has improved to make glass break sensors more sophisticated and can be combined with shock impact sensors, so they only go off when it is necessary.

GPS device

Car Accessories

As well as a means of finding your way around, having a GPS tracking device installed can help you locate a stolen vehicle. Obviously, you’d be better off if your car wasn’t jacked in the first place, but on more than one occasion, car thieves have been tracked down as a result of a GPS tracker. Modern systems will speak to your phone and transmit their location and in which direction it is moving. So if your car does get stolen, you can notify the police and provide its exact whereabouts, making it more likely they retrieve it for you.

Starter Disable

A starter disable works by breaking the electrical circuit or connection that is necessary to start up the car when someone turns the ignition. This makes it impossible to start up the car without breaking the starter disable or in some cases flipping over the switch, which can often be hidden anywhere around the car. Other devices are activated when the car alarm goes off.

While it’s true that some car thieves will be able to disable such a device, it is decidedly more complicated and takes more time. This can be a source of frustration and pressure for a would-be car thief, especially when the alarm has been set off. Most auto electricians will be able to install a starter disable on your car for a relatively low cost.

You can check out the full range of KIA accessories available online or at any KIA dealer. Speak to the team at Chadstone KIA for more information.

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