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Hatchback vs Sedan vs Crossover vs SUV : Which To Choose & Why?

The 1960’s saw the advent and subsequent rise of the hatchback in Europe. Due to it’s compact size and ease of navigation on congested roads, the hatchback gained popularity the world over. The hatchback is the smallest mainstream car body configuration with a rear door which can be opened upwards to provide a boot space. They hold significant advantage and popularity over other car body configurations in India. Firstly, it requires a lot less space, which is a blessing to the traffic and cramped streets. Secondly, it provides comfortable space for four, its an ideal car for a family of four or less. They also consume less fuel, which works extremely well with the sustainable development & environment-friendly outlook which is essentially the need of the hour if we are to save the planet.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Swift has been around since more than ten years now and is still one of the biggest competitors in this category. It’s athletic looks and elegant exterior is a favorite with the nation. A closer look inside would tell you that Maruti works hard on competing with other cars in this segment, as it provides all modern features such as 60:40 split seats, tiltable steering and inbuilt Bluetooth in the latest versions.

The new Swift on the road consists of a 1.2 litre, K-Series VTVT petrol engine and Fiat’s renowned 1.3 litre Multijet engine paired to a five-speed manual transmission. Variants also come with AMT option to keep up with the competition.

Hyundai Elite i20

Hyundai maintains a dominant position in the market with its Fluidic sculpture philosophy dictating the pulled back headlights and rear combination lamps. Its dynamic design pours a spacious interior with advanced capabilities such as touchscreen infotainment, keyless entry, multi-functional steering make it easily one of the best cars in this category.

It’s 1.2 litre Kappa dual VTVT petrol and 1.4 litre U2 CRDi diesel unit, mated to a five-speed manual with an option for a six-speed manual (only in the diesel range) gives durable and powerful performance.


Sedans have been around since a long time. The first locally manufactured mass production car to roll out in Australia was the Holden FX, manufactured way back in 1948. Sedans provide a more vast cargo space than hatchbacks with a proper segmentation between the rear seats and the trunk, a feature absent in any other mainstream category of cars. Their streamlined design also provides an elegant driving experience due to better aerodynamics. Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and Honda City are two sedans which we are going to talk about in this article.

Swift Dzire

An extension of the Swift platform, the Swift Dzire has been plying its trade in the industry since more than six years now. The new 2015 facelifted model has undergone minor cosmetic updates such as smoked headlamps, a new single chrome-slat grille, fog lamps with chrome inserts and new alloy wheels. Inside, the car can easily house five people and has increased head and legroom than before.

The Swift Dzire is also the most fuel efficient sedans. It houses a 1.3-litre DDiS diesel and 1.2-litre petrol engine mated to a five-speed transmission.  While the former offers 26.59kmpl, the latter one offers 20.85kmpl, high standards compared to other cars in most categories in the automotive industry.

Honda City

City’s iconic stretched headlamps and sleek rear lights look like a feature of art. Being the prime car in the sedan category since a long time, Honda keeps updating it to live upto its standard, pushing every other challenger at the side of the picture.A little tight on mileage, the 1497 cc, i-VTEC petrol engine provides a mileage of around 14-15 kmpl.


A Crossover or Crossover Utility Vehicle(CUV) is a vehicle built on a platform combining features of SUV’s and passenger cars. It ditches the body-on-frame manufacturing technique typical of SUV’s in which the platform and the body are manufactured separately and instead goes for the unibody design to achieve a lighter weight, car-like handling and fuel economy. Crossovers merge the benefits and effortless handling of a car with the comfortable spaciousness of SUVs and the result is gaining immense popularity among the masses.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

The S-Cross, from the outside, looks like a hefty revamp of the now discontinued SX4. The interiors are black with a sporty hexagonal-shaped dashboard along with the usual visible use of leather on seats, door pads and steering wheel.

As of now the S-Cross offers two diesel engines - the 1.3-litre and the 1.6-litre. The latter gives a mileage of 22.7km/l. The 1.3 litre engine’s claimed mileage is 23.65 km/l. Both the engines are matched to a 6-speed gearbox. In terms of performance and comfort, the S-Cross does well at decent to high speeds due to a stringent suspension setup.


BMW’s budget luxury offering presents BMW’s class and style in the shape of a small SUV of sorts, but still retains its fierce headlight and grille design and sleek rear lights. Combined with a well responsive steering and a tight suspension, it makes for a smooth ride on all Indian roads. A 6.5-inch infotainment system with Bluetooth is standard; navigation, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, and a self-parking feature are optional.

The BMW X1 was launched in three variants: sDrive18i (petrol), sDrive20d (diesel) and sDrive20d exclusive (diesel). The petrol version has a 1.8 litre engine and BMW X1 diesel version is equipped with 2.0 litre. 


A Sport Utility Vehicle or Suburban Utility Vehicle, better known as an SUV, has an additional capacity in the form of a two-box design along with the traditional front and back seat design. It usually comes equipped with a four-wheel drive for off-roading and is bigger in body size and engine capacity than any other mainstream car category. The SUV wins over other segments when it comes to driving off-road and providing space for big families or heavy cargo.

Renault Duster

Launched in 2013, the Duster has broad headlights and rear lamps which lend it a dominative and brawny image. The extensive hood only polishes its image. The interiors in the latest edition get a beige finish with a steel black dashboard and a touchscreen infotainment system.

The Renault Duster is powered by 3 engine options - a 1.6-litre petrol (103 bhp), a 1.5-litre diesel (84 bhp) and a 1.5-litre diesel (108 bhp). The new face-lift edition borrows the ABS and EBS systems from its predecessor. It also features Hill Hold and a traction control system for hilly or mountain roads. 

XUV 500

Since its launch, the Mahindra XUV500 turns heads due to its menacing looks. The wide doors are accentuated by the cold, condescending front and rear. Every variant comes with high class safety features such as ABS and ESP. 

Since its launch in 2011, XUV500 has gone through many changes, with one of the most vital being addition of the AT and AWD variants. Transmission choices include a six-speed manual and automatic units. The car boasts of a 2.2-litre mHawk engine mated to either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Kia Sportage

An ideal blend of style and space, the Kia Sportage takes on rivals like the Hyundai Tucson by the proverbial tusks & is a tasteful car to look at. With an imposing & unique front grille this compact SUV has bold cuts & belt-lines on the sides and radiates an aura of posh royalty. 

The Sportage is available in a number of trims. Two of these trims come powered by a 1.6 litre petrol & diesel motors churning out 152 & 182 bhp of power respectively & giving a mileage of 23 mpg in cities and 30 mpg on highway roads. There are Platinum AWD versions as well, one with a 2.0 litre, turbocharged diesel engine, outputting 182 bhp of power & giving 21 & 26 mpg on city & highway roads respectively. The second one is a more powerful platinum 2.4 litre petrol then it’s twin, outputting 182 bhp. The Kia Sportage is very responsive, & with the sturdy suspension, makes for a great driving experience.

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Best Ways To Keep Your Kia In Good Condition

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Kia Cars - Reliable ride on Road

Kia has a reputation as one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. Because the vehicles are well built and have a relatively simple operating system, it isn’t uncommon for owners to drive their Kia Cars to well over 150,000 miles without significant inconveniences. But in order to do this, proper car care and detailing are required along the way, and that goes deeper than just changing the oil every 3,000 miles.

I drive a 2013 Kia Forte and I love it- I have learned several tricks to keep my Kia always in good condition. Here in this article, we will take a look at the best ways to keep your Kia Car in good condition, even over extended periods of time.

Take Good Care of Your Kia Car With These Tips

Keeping a Kia running smoothly is generally inexpensive compared to American and European cars, and the more complex Japanese brands like Lexus and Subaru. I recommend regularly using an obd2 scanner to make sure there aren’t any critical errors in the way the car is running. These devices scan the engine and electric components of the car and deliver a report of any issues, sometimes offering simple solutions. If you don’t have one, most car parts stores can run the scan for you and turn off the “check engine” light, or you can buy one for around $15 to $20.

  • Check Your Air Filter.
    • I try to check the filter on my Kia every few months, particularly during summer when it’s windy outside. If your engine is being hit by a bunch of dust and debris, it will wear down quicker and not run as smoothly. This leads to lower gas mileage and potentially larger issues down the line, and all it takes to prevent it is to change air filter!
  • Keep your Kia prepared for the elements.
    • This means winterizing the car in late Autumn, and then reversing the process in late Spring. Because of a Kia’ build, it can be susceptible to extreme weather if not taken proper care of.
Kia Car Winterizing Tips - Kia Car Servicing
Credit: Bridgestone Tire
    • Also, have seasonally appropriate tires. This helps gas mileage and also makes it easier on the engine. Running snow tires when it's ninety degrees outside is extremely inefficient, and the same goes for not changing those bald, worn out old tires before it snows.
  • Keep the interior and exterior clean.
    • Regular details and vacuuming of the car can go a long way in maintaining your Kia’s value and keeping the car feeling like new. When looking to always keep your Kia in good condition, taking care of the interior of the car is just as important as the vehicle maintenance. No one wants to buy (or even ride in!) a car that is trashed and has a foul odour, so do yourself a favour and keep it clean.
    • While you’re at it, a car wash is only going to help the cause. Use soap of a decent quality to ensure that it won’t damage the paint and always rinse thoroughly.
  •  If an accident happens, make repairs quickly
    • We’ve all seen it- the guy driving around with a bashed-in front bumper, clearly trying to delay the expenditure it will take to get the car up to snuff. But he is also hurting his car’s value and potentially risking further damages by not getting it fixed. Leaving problems unsolved can lead to bigger problems down the line, especially if the problem is mechanical and not just external.
    • Having comprehensive insurance, a good warranty plan, a good Kia finance deal can really help keep your Kia in good condition always because you likely won’t have as many out-of-pocket costs to get the car fixed. By spending a little more now, you can save a bunch of money later.

  • Change the serpentine belt.
    • You will notice when the serpentine belt is wearing out because riding in the car will become noticeably less comfortable. There will be vibrations, and sometimes noises coming from under the hood.
    • Check to see if the belt is brittle, frayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged. If something sounds wrong, it probably is.
    • Serpentine belts can be changed with just a few tools and the purchase of a new belt. Otherwise, a dealership or maintenance garage can do it very quickly.
  • Keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance
    • The engine and parts on your Kia are relatively simple and minimize the risk of major breakdowns, particularly on the coupe and sedan models like Rio and Forte. When you buy the vehicle from a dealership, have them sign you up for maintenance reminders.

      Often, they will send coupons and incentives along with these reminders to help keep the cost down. Again, use the obd2 scanner if you suspect something is awry here, that way you’ll have an idea of what to tell the mechanic when you bring the car into the shop.
    • Oil changes, tire rotations, and engine checks will all keep the car running well and maximize gas mileage. If there is uneven wear on the tires, it is time for an alignment!
    • Regular alignments and checks on the suspension system can be super helpful in maximizing your Kia’s performance.
    • Filling fluids and changing windshield wipers seasonally is a great habit to get into, that way you won’t be stuck needing to pull over on a road trip or drive to work for something simple like wiper fluid.
    • Change the brake pads regularly to avoid metal-on-metal grinding that will kill the rotors. As soon as you hear any noise when braking, schedule an appointment with your mechanic.
    • Adding to that, your important vehicle should get good care and service from authorised Kia service centres to get the best care outcome
Kia Car, Safe Driving, Car Safety, Kia Care Servicing
Enjoy Cruising on Open Roads in  A Kia Car
Buying and maintaining a Kia is a worthwhile venture, whether you drive it purely for commuting or like to get out on the open road and enjoy a cruise. Kia Cars have the reputation of Asian vehicles- long lasting and durable, but with a Kia, you have the added benefit of a car that won’t run you into the ground financially. A Kia is a good investment and with proper maintenance and care, can quickly become a great one.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Quick Guide to Car Finance Solutions in Australia

Financing for Car is not at all a Jigsaw riddle for the general people who are new to the Car Buying arena any longer. There are such large number of options and alternatives for the customers to choose nowadays, it has become prominent that rather the Different dealers are ready to offer a car to them who are minimum able to buy or loan the car at the worst case scenario. But according to many finance corporations, it is not always wise to get along with any plans that the dealership offers to you.

Despite the easy approach and options, it is generally critical to know your alternatives as far as how to fund the buy. There are numerous approaches to handle this and the suitable choice relies on upon different components including how much capital you have available to you. Make sure consider the accompanying choices carefully. However, it's imperative not to be influenced by energetic business people like car salesmen and on site money suppliers and loan providers into settling on hurried choices with longer term outcomes. We will be discussing the most popular car finance options provided by the Dealers and Manufacturers.

Cash Car Buying:

Most Australians specifically love to own their vehicles on cash payments. If your money is well saved in the bank, this is the most practical method for making the buy for a vehicle. Paying in real money specifically out of your bank will basically imply that you aren't making reimbursements on the acquired cash and the exchange is done at the point of sale. It is, in fact, the best possible way to own a vehicle with no liability behind it in any context of the future of your vehicle. So the option is allowing you to get the vehicle at a lower price than other options available on the view.


Finance Leases are a prominent option for organizations since they empower you to secure your preferred vehicle today without a store, permitting you to hold your capital for different purposes.

 This is an increasingly popular type of Car financing. Leasing is basically a long haul rental in light of an agreement for a specific timeframe, amid which regularly scheduled installments are made. There are different points of interest that originate from renting. For one, it speaks to a few buyers on the grounds that after the lease is up, they can essentially choose another model and begin another lease. It additionally implies that the renter doesn't have to stress over the future estimation of the auto and doesn't have the duty of offering it as would somebody who inside and out acquired an auto. In conclusion, month to month payments are regularly lower than what you'd be 
paying on a Car Loan.

 But then again, when you lease a car, you have to take in mind that you are paying for using the vehicle, not for owning it. Thinking that Car loans are the better option and a popular form to own a vehicle. 

Personal Loans:

A personal loan permits you to obtain a specific amount and make normal set installments to pay it back. You can regularly spread your reimbursements over between one to seven years. The more drawn out the term, the littler the measure of the general reimbursements you make.

With a Personal Loan, you regularly can't redraw the assets you've reimbursed and dissimilar to a credit extension or Visa you can't utilize the credit for different buys.

Individual credits can be secured or unsecured, which is the place a decent is utilized as security against the sum loaned. In the event that your advance is secured this can lessen the financing cost and impact the greatest sum loaned. Individual Loans secured particularly with an auto are called Car Loans.

Car Loan:

A car loan from a bank or another financial body is normally paid back between 1-10 years’ timeframes and needs that the customer makes monthly reimbursements, which can be quite high quality compared to a leasing alternative.

The interest rate for the typical car loan is totally on the customer who is going to own the vehicle. By allowing you to choose the one with best rates, repayment options and terms for different circumstances, gives the option high quality of feasibility to attract customers. In some instances, interest rates are negotiable for your security and adaptability.

The flexibility provided by the car loan option allows you to buy new or used vehicles through a dealer. So you will have more room for negotiating the terms of your buying options.

On the contrary, there could be expenses connected to the loan including one for the application and a monthly charge for the support of the loan. Get some information about these expenses before you focus on a moneylender for your Car loan.

There is always a chance there to discuss the options with your financial advisor and pathfinder on the terms of sale. Choose the best option for your car finance because it is indeed very important and may provide many good results to you as a potential buyer. 

On Chadstone Kia, we have the vast range of options for financing your vehicle and those are completely flexible to you to choose your options with your own freedom and ability. There are professional experts waiting with exclusive Kia finance deals for you to lead you to the right option wanted by your circumstances. What you have to do is just post an enquiry for your options and we will definitely get back to you as early as possible. Owning a vehicle is as important as the thinking and finding out the proper financing options for your circumstances.

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Kia Marketing Campaigns for Euro 2016 in July is A Big Success

It’s been a busy month in July for Kia, who have organised some very interesting marketing and social media campaigns surrounding the 2016 Euro Cup.

One of the world’s most important football or soccer competitions, the UEFA Euro Cup 2016 wrapped up earlier this month, with plenty of people tuning in late at night to catch the action. It was Portugal that got the job done over to the hosts France, and what a tournament it was!

The official sponsors Kia organised a bunch of activities around the event, including the ‘Champ into the Arena’ five-on-five amateur tournament, in which literally thousands of different teams competed from all around the world. The winner from each participating country was rewarded with an all expenses trip to France to compete against the world’s best. The quality of competition was extremely high, exceeded only by the Euro Cup itself.

Another successful campaign surrounding this every-four-year event was the ‘Carry your Dream’ social media campaign, which encouraged children to post content that demonstrates how crazy they are about soccer and what it means to them. Fifty-one of the best entries were selected as official match ball carriers at the event in France, meaning they would take the ball out onto the pitch and hand it to the referee!

Keep an eye on other special offers and exciting campaigns organised by Kia through 2016, and of course, don’t forget to check out the huge range of Kia cars that can be seen on the Chadstone Kia website.

Kia Soul in Melbourne, Chadstone Kia
Kia Soul - The Scintillating One

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Boost of Kia Car Sales in Australia

Kia Cars - Big on Style and Big on Standard Features

If there is one brand of car right now that has seen an incredible turn of fortune over the past few years in terms of popularity, that award goes hands down to Kia. This modern car manufacturer company seems to have tapped into a booming market of people wishing for an affordable, modern and simple vehicle that also comes with all the bells and whistles. But how did this relatively small car company become one of the most in-demand car brands in Australia today? Why is Kia so popular? Here’s why.

Kia didn’t get off to the best of the starts when it started importing vehicles into Australia; there was huge competition from other brands that had already established themselves in the country for their particular classes. Kia had the right ideas when it came to producing a relatively cheap vehicle when they manufactured a few entry-level budget cars for Ford to be sold in Australia, but it wasn’t until roughly 10 years ago when Kia started to produce their own vehicles to sale abroad.

The Korean car manufacturer produced a number of cars such as the Kia Rio that was positioned in a market filled with similar cars that didn’t really stand out from the crowd. Being a bit more inexpensive that its rivals, the Rio was a popular car for what it was, and allowed Kia to hone their skills in creating a full line-up of vehicles that fits for a relative newcomer to the market.

Bold Design, Reliable Functionality

Everything changed in recent years when the Kia Soul was launched that was packed with features as cool as its exterior look. We all knew then that Kia was going to a different direction from the already over-crowded market and would have a hit-or-miss effect on its customers. Thankfully for Kia, the Soul took off big time and with a number of interesting and funny commercials backing the launch, Kia had finally come into form as one of the small car manufacturers to watch, and respect.

The Kia Cee’d was always known as a positive little car that had huge ambitions to become one of the best little run-arounds you could get for your money, and the newer models bear that fruit of the company's design and research. The Pro C’eed 2015 and 2016 models are well respected as functional and fun vehicles that put up a mighty fine challenge to other vehicles in its class from the likes of VW.

A Modern Range of Vehicles

The Kia Rondo, Kia Optima and Kia Sportage models offer a glimpse into what makes this South Korean car manufacturer's vehicles so appealing. The form and function of the vehicles often is on par or sometimes outperforms much more expensive rivals, as well as the reliability that we have come to expect from Kia.

The Optima GT Turbo is Australia’s Best Medium Sedan under $50K – As judged by Australia’s Best Cars. 

Making fun, sporty, modern and reliable vehicles is the key ingredient in achieving a larger customer base that now swears by their cars as the vehicles of choice to recommend others. Kia has focused its efforts on providing everyday drivers the best feel for the road, as well as all of the little fun features that make driving a little more pleasurable.

New Kia Picanto with Auto is now Good To Go, with five doors and Rear Parking Sensors

Having a car made by a manufacturer that excels in making vehicles, even for other manufacturers, means that you will have a thriving parts and serving base that will pay dividends if you ever find your vehicle in trouble. You may find a Kia service centre in your town, as well as a number of places in larger cities such as the well-known Kia services Melbourne provides.

Over the year 2014-15 Kia has seen a surge in sales of 21% increase, thanks in part to a number of exciting new models that have launched such as the new Sorento and the latest Cerato, Picanto models. Passenger and utility vehicles (Ute) made by Kia have improved so dramatically that the 29% increase has led them to break into the top ten car manufacturers in terms of sales.

An Award-Winning Formula

One of the big reasons why Kia has seen such a dramatic increase in sales could mainly be down to the amount of awards that Kia vehicles have won over the past two years. The Sorento and Carnival have both won Drive Car of the Year awards for 2015, with the Sorento going on to win a whole host of important awards to break through into the public perception.

The All-New Sorento has won two Australia’s Best Cars awards in two categories! 

Kia continues to make headway in the vehicle market across all of its vehicle classes, and today stands as one of the most trusted and reliable car brands on the market. The company continues to provide fantastic Kia service centres in important locations around the country, with Kia dealers Melbourne making huge enhancements to their stock and servicing abilities.

Images Source: facebook.com/KiaAustralia

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Drive Wise: Kia’s Response to Autonomous Car Race

Image: www.kia.com

We’ve all thought about how amazing it would be to have a car that drove itself, meaning you could just sit back and enjoy the ride, rather than worrying about getting yourself to your destination safely. While science fiction has always pushed the idea that flying cars are the next frontier, the fully autonomous automobile seems to be the next step.

And it sounds like this is soon to become a reality as it’s really only a matter of time before this technology comes to fruition. Kia has recently announced its plan to build fully self-driving cars and have them released as soon as 2030. Yes, the future is here! Let’s take a look at some of the details of this announcement and what we can expect.

Kia’s Plan: Up to 2020

Kia’s ‘Drive Wise’ campaign was announced in January this year, one of many initiatives on the part of car industry players to allocate more funding to autonomous driving technology. The figure being thrown around is a massive $2 billion in the next couple of years Kia, which will go towards moving developing various technologies to reduce the reliance on human drivers.

Image: www.kia.com

Other automotive companies including Tesla, Volvo, Volkswagen and BMW are also going down this path and improving this technology is seen to be the next big step in creating a competitive advantage in the industry.

How Autonomous Will These Cars Be?

The progress toward completely autonomous cars will take place over a number of years, as do most technological advancements. But very soon we’re looking at the possibility of incorporating emergency braking, automatic cruise control, self-parking and highway driving in Kia cars. Reports suggest that this could happen as soon 2020.

By 2030 however, the plan is to have a fully autonomous car, meaning your vehicle can pick drop you off wherever you need to go, drive itself home (meaning you don’t have to worry about parking fees) and come back when you’re ready to be picked up. It’s really quite amazing that this sort of technology is just around the corner.

The Future: Beyond 2020

Though it’s certainly decades away, the potential for the autonomous car is huge. Who knows, down the line w, could be talking about completely automatic flying cars - it’s possible people won’t have any idea how to drive and AI will take cars to all the destinations.

Image: www.kia.com
Kia is also looking at improving and developing other technological aspects of owning and operating a car, including fingerprint scanning being required to access the cars functions and driver preferences. In addition, videos screened by KIA also suggested that technology will be developed where car owners have watches from which they can summon their vehicle, from wherever they are.

Kia prototype autonomous car will soon be tested in Nevada, one of the few US states that is offering licenses for such development and hopefully will be released in the market by 2030. We’re very excited about these developments and hope to bring more news to our blog on the progress soon!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Review on 3 of the Best Kia Cars You Can Buy in 2016

Kia is known for its sporty, performance smaller vehicles that are made to excite and boost your driving experience. This year Kia has raised the bar even higher with a new line-up of their most popular cars to date. In our last article, we have reviewed 3 popular Kia cars in Australia. This time we will be reviewing 3 of Kia's best cars in the respective class: Kia Sorento, Kia Soul, and Kia Optima. These three vehicles are the best of their class for a number of reasons, but are they the best car for you? Let’s find out which type of Kia driver you are!

Kia Sorento 2016: The Perfect Getaway Vehicle

The Kia Sorento 2016 makes use of its larger and more sophisticated exterior and continues the luxury inside. Being slightly larger than the previous model, the luxury interior is where the 2016 model shows its class. Featuring a number of added extras to enhance your driving experience, Kia thought it best to highlight the most popular features and bring them into the new model.

2016 Kia Sorento Black
Image Courtesy: kia.com
This mid-size crossover vehicle features more user-friendly controls as you’d expect from Kia. Featuring a clean and great feeling cabin that feels as well-made as it looks, the 2016 model features a nice and versatile second-row seat for those transporting their family in comfortable surroundings. When it comes to value for money, the 2016 Kia Sorento has it all in terms of functions for your money.

2016 Kia Optima White
Image Courtesy: kia.com

Overall, the Kia Sorento 2016 model has been ultimately redesigned to boost performance with its 2.0L and 2.4L turbo model, with the high-end model featuring a 3.3L V6 for maximum performance. In of its class, the Kia Sorento 2016 is a decent SUV that is positioned competitively for its price, which feels much classier than a cheaper alternative that may lack many of the features and functions in the latest model.

Kia Soul 2016: Totally Transformed

Known for its funky and sporty stylings, the Kia Soul 2016 takes an even bigger step further in terms of fun driving in this years’ latest model. Featuring a number of styling upgrades, the 2016 Kia Soul looks more rugged and urban than the previous model, which makes for a great looking urban commuter for any cool inner-city driver.

2016 Kia Soul Blue
Image Courtesy: kia.com

With a whole host of additional features and upgrades available, the 2016 Kia Soul takes functionality to the next level. Being fun to drive and featuring a tight turning circle for its slightly larger size, this car can look and feel much smaller than it actually is – which is a good thing for drivability!

Featuring many user-friendly controls makes the car simple to operate and easy to understand. With all of the controls at your fingertips you will be less distracted along your journey. With amble passenger space you will now be able to haul your work colleagues across town to the nearest coffee shop in an instant, and leave your friends impressed by the spacious room in the back.

2016 Kia Soul Red
Image Courtesy: kia.com
The fuel economy is reasonable for this size of vehicle, and has a reasonably good ride on city roads. You will be impressed by the responsiveness of the car, as well as the number of upgrade and additional options available right out of the shop, such as the new premium package that includes forward collision and lane-departure warning systems which are new to the Soul range in 2016.

If you are after a driving experience that features a comfortable ride for you and a few buddies, one of the best infotainment systems available on the market, as well as a funky cool look, then you won’t have to look any further than the Kia Soul 2016 model to give you a spectacular driving experience.

Kia Optima 2016: Discover the Next Generation

This stylish sedan has proven its popularity year after year thanks to its effortlessly modern styling, excellent performance and a range of in-car entertainment functions that put much more expensive cars to shame. The 2016 Kia Optima has proven its sporty nature again with the latest models, featuring a number of improvements in terms of fuel economy and performance.

2016 Kia Optima Red
Image Courtesy: kia.com
Featuring a turbocharged 1.6L engine that purrs at even higher speeds in the LX Turbo model, the cabin stays quiet thanks to improved noise dampening designs. Featuring many convenience functions that are made to make driving simpler, the Optima also has many luxury features that you simply can’t find on other cars in its class.

2016 Kia Optima White
Image Courtesy: kia.com
The range of models for the Kia Optima 2016 include a 1.6L turbocharged 7-speed automated manual, the EX 2.4L 6-speed automatic, as well as the top of the range SXL Turbo 2.0L 6-speed automatic.

This front-wheel drive Kia has all of the sporty feeling and handling you’ve come to expect from the Optima models in recent years and with a tighter feel to it you will feel at home with the new 2016 model, as well as offering you more luxury than you would might expect for a sedan in this class.

If you want to upgrade your Kia to the latest models or need to find the best accessories to suit your needs precisely, then there is no better place to fit out your car than with Chadstone Kia. For parts and accessories, Chadstone Kia is the first place to knock, and when it comes to services and inspections, you won’t find a more knowledgeable Kia expect in Melbourne, VIC.