Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Next Generation Kia Rio 2017

One of Australia’s favourites, the KIA Rio has been one of the best-performing small cars on the market for many years. And by all accounts, 2017’s Rio has improved on the existing model and looks to take over the small car market this year. With a fresh look and a bunch of modern features that make it more energy efficient and a more convenient driving experience, the Rio is certainly primed to turn a lot of heads.

New design

This model has been redesigned from the 2012 Rio, which was the basis for all models design-wise until now. While previous models went for the cute, sweet small car look, this year’s release follows the sleek, almost futurist aesthetic style and tiger-nosed grill that has become a staple of Kia’s next-generation cars, as the brand has reinvented itself in terms of its design. This gives the car a tougher, more mature look that will likely appeal to a larger market as well as make it stand out amongst other small cars in its class.

Source: www.chadstonekia.com.au

Great value

One of the main reasons Kia has become one of the world’s premier car brands is the value these cars offer. The highly affordable 2017 Rio (starts at $16,990) is jam-packed full of features and for small car packs quite a punch when you consider its energy efficiency and lightweight nature. The four-cylinder 1.6 litres, a 74kW engine doesn’t make this a powerful car by any means, but it’s noticeably zippy and ideal for inner-city driving and holds it owns off the line,  offering acceleration. Add that to the fact that you’re looking at a very efficient and economical 5.6L/100km for the manual and it’s a reasonable trade-off.

Source: www.kia.com

In addition, the Rio has been highly praised for its handling and the fact that it provides one of the most comfortable driving experiences of any small car in its class. Excellent suspension and power steering ensure this is a smooth ride whether you’re darting through city traffic or on the freeway.

If you are looking for a little more behind the wheel, you’ll be pleased to hear that Kia is planning to release a turbocharged 1.0-litre edition later this year. Certainly, something to look out for!

Luxury interior

Another selling point is the interior, which feels much more spacious than it should when you consider the size of the Rio. Indeed, the smooth driving experience is contributed to by the fact that this interior is all about comfort, with an infotainment package that rivals those of significantly more expensive cars. 

Source: www.kia.com
The 7-inch touchscreen is able to connect to your phone to provide a number of handy features to passengers, being able to be synched up to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The dark interior features various USB ports, phone holders and bottle holders to boot.

If you’re looking for an affordable small car, the 2017 Rio is well worth looking into, so head down to your local KIA dealership in Melbourne to discuss your needs and find out more!