Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Review of the All-New 2015 Kia Grand Carnival


The 2015 Kia Grand Carnival made its global debut at the 2014 New York Motor Show with much fanfare, with the last Carnival model, introduced over 10 years ago you can expect this new version to come with all of the latest technology and superior ride and handling improvements that Kia has been known to excel at.

Electronic Stability Control

The first noticeable improvement over the older model is the modern look and feel of the vehicle. Whilst sitting somewhere between the people carrier and utility vehicle, the new 2015 Kia Carnival has a kind of Tardis effect of looking and feeling much bigger on the inside than out. This is thanks to the new styling that brings this range into the modern age.

Increased Room Inside, Despite Looking Sleek

 Extending interior space

Being 75% more rigid than its earlier model, you may expect every single feature on this new variant to improve dramatically in comparison, and it certainly does do so. More room, better fuel efficiency, more gadgets and more vehicles in the range are where the Carnival makes its mark.

Dual Sunroof

The Kia Grand Carnival is aimed at a range of drivers who have both large families and the need for a relatively high vehicle with the added ability to create space in the rear. Being lower down than most people movers, the Kia Carnival feels more streamlined and therefore agile in the corners, making for a smooth and comfortable ride without taking away from the fact that it is a large vehicle.

Classy Interior Shows Kia’s Attention to Detail

 Stand-up Seats

The interior of the 2015 Kia Carnival is impressively lined with high-quality workmanship and finishes that you may come to expect from luxury European sedans. You can tell that Kia has spent great time and effort in finishing the Carnival to a high standard and chose the right materials for the job so the vehicle looks sleek, clean and comfortable

Pop-up Sinking Seats

The new 2015 Kia Grand Carnival is available in a range of different models and drivetrains which offer a choice for those looking for a workhorse and a smooth family cruiser. This range starts with the S, Si, SLI and the Platinum. Each vehicle features the in-car entertainment station with a radio/CD player, iPod, USB and audio jack inputs, Bluetooth and keyless entry.

A Run-Down of Each Models Features:

The S model features 6 airbags, keyless entry with folding keys, reverse parking sensors, 6-speed automatic transmission running through a 3.3L V6 DOHC CVVT petrol engine.


The SI model features 17” alloy wheels, DVD player, tri-zone climate control, premium steering wheel and shift knob, running on a 3.3L DOHC CVVT petrol engine or a 2.2L in-line VGT CRDi 16 valve diesel.

The SLI model features 18” alloy wheels, power sliding doors, smart key with push-button start, leather trim seats running on a 3.3L DOHC CVVT petrol or a 2.2L in-line VGT CRDi 4 cylinder 16 valve diesel.

Reinforced Body Structure

The Platinum model features a 360-degree camera view for parking aid, smart cruise control, blind spot detection, lane departure warning system, as well as a host of premium features and interior fitting options to choose from. The Platinum runs on the 3.3L V6 DOHC CVVT petrol or 2.2L in-line 4 cylinders VGT DCi 16 valve diesel.

Sporty, Fun and Impressively Finished

power sliding door

Overall, the new 2015 Kia Grand Carnival for the Australian market is a great deal of fun, especially considering the size of the vehicle. It doesn’t feel like a laborious drive even though it has room for a whole family.

smart tailgate

Featuring a classy interior and the power to get you out of trouble when you need it, the all new Kia Grand Carnival is one of those cars that can conform to what you need it to be, whether it is a utility vehicle, people mover or just a fun days drive.