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The Boost of Kia Car Sales in Australia

Kia Cars - Big on Style and Big on Standard Features

If there is one brand of car right now that has seen an incredible turn of fortune over the past few years in terms of popularity, that award goes hands down to Kia. This modern car manufacturer company seems to have tapped into a booming market of people wishing for an affordable, modern and simple vehicle that also comes with all the bells and whistles. But how did this relatively small car company become one of the most in-demand car brands in Australia today? Why is Kia so popular? Here’s why.

Kia didn’t get off to the best of the starts when it started importing vehicles into Australia; there was huge competition from other brands that had already established themselves in the country for their particular classes. Kia had the right ideas when it came to producing a relatively cheap vehicle when they manufactured a few entry-level budget cars for Ford to be sold in Australia, but it wasn’t until roughly 10 years ago when Kia started to produce their own vehicles to sale abroad.

The Korean car manufacturer produced a number of cars such as the Kia Rio that was positioned in a market filled with similar cars that didn’t really stand out from the crowd. Being a bit more inexpensive that its rivals, the Rio was a popular car for what it was, and allowed Kia to hone their skills in creating a full line-up of vehicles that fits for a relative newcomer to the market.

Bold Design, Reliable Functionality

Everything changed in recent years when the Kia Soul was launched that was packed with features as cool as its exterior look. We all knew then that Kia was going to a different direction from the already over-crowded market and would have a hit-or-miss effect on its customers. Thankfully for Kia, the Soul took off big time and with a number of interesting and funny commercials backing the launch, Kia had finally come into form as one of the small car manufacturers to watch, and respect.

The Kia Cee’d was always known as a positive little car that had huge ambitions to become one of the best little run-arounds you could get for your money, and the newer models bear that fruit of the company's design and research. The Pro C’eed 2015 and 2016 models are well respected as functional and fun vehicles that put up a mighty fine challenge to other vehicles in its class from the likes of VW.

A Modern Range of Vehicles

The Kia Rondo, Kia Optima and Kia Sportage models offer a glimpse into what makes this South Korean car manufacturer's vehicles so appealing. The form and function of the vehicles often is on par or sometimes outperforms much more expensive rivals, as well as the reliability that we have come to expect from Kia.

The Optima GT Turbo is Australia’s Best Medium Sedan under $50K – As judged by Australia’s Best Cars. 

Making fun, sporty, modern and reliable vehicles is the key ingredient in achieving a larger customer base that now swears by their cars as the vehicles of choice to recommend others. Kia has focused its efforts on providing everyday drivers the best feel for the road, as well as all of the little fun features that make driving a little more pleasurable.

New Kia Picanto with Auto is now Good To Go, with five doors and Rear Parking Sensors

Having a car made by a manufacturer that excels in making vehicles, even for other manufacturers, means that you will have a thriving parts and serving base that will pay dividends if you ever find your vehicle in trouble. You may find a Kia service centre in your town, as well as a number of places in larger cities such as the well-known Kia services Melbourne provides.

Over the year 2014-15 Kia has seen a surge in sales of 21% increase, thanks in part to a number of exciting new models that have launched such as the new Sorento and the latest Cerato, Picanto models. Passenger and utility vehicles (Ute) made by Kia have improved so dramatically that the 29% increase has led them to break into the top ten car manufacturers in terms of sales.

An Award-Winning Formula

One of the big reasons why Kia has seen such a dramatic increase in sales could mainly be down to the amount of awards that Kia vehicles have won over the past two years. The Sorento and Carnival have both won Drive Car of the Year awards for 2015, with the Sorento going on to win a whole host of important awards to break through into the public perception.

The All-New Sorento has won two Australia’s Best Cars awards in two categories! 

Kia continues to make headway in the vehicle market across all of its vehicle classes, and today stands as one of the most trusted and reliable car brands on the market. The company continues to provide fantastic Kia service centres in important locations around the country, with Kia dealers Melbourne making huge enhancements to their stock and servicing abilities.

Images Source: facebook.com/KiaAustralia

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