Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Kia Optima: An Evolutionary Car, a Revolutionary Hybrid

Eve so often, a radically different car comes onto the market to make other manufacturers look dated and old tech. Kia has leapt into the spotlight to promote their fuel-efficient cars, as well as the implementation of one of the most advanced hybrid vehicle technologies.

The Kia Optima made headlines in recent years as becoming the most fuel-efficient hybrid car not only in its class but in the world. Let us look at how much fuel efficiency can be made, as well as some of the hybrid technology explained.

KIA Optima Hybrid

Hybrid cars are an innovative development in the history of the motor vehicle, starting from the gas-guzzling large block engines of the past, to the more energy and fuel-efficient cars of today. Hybrid cars work on a dual power system of both a petrol engine and a battery. The car functions like any other car, but with a difference, in that, the power stored in the battery can later be used to power the car.

A Shining Light in Hybrid Technology

Many hybrid cars employ different ways of storing the power or using the power stored in the battery. Some cars are fully electric but require longer charging times and often lack the power needed for everyday motoring to become an enjoyable experience driving.

KIA Hybrid Technology

The Kia Optima features an innovative design in how it utilises all of its power from its petrol engine and battery storage, to offer one of the best fuel-efficient cars on the market.

The hybrid powertrain is supplied by a high-power lithium polymer battery that supplies all the power you need in the city and an eco-efficient petrol engine when you are travelling long-distance. The regenerative battery system helps charge the battery when braking, leaving you that extra power when you need it most.

Optima Hyvrid meter

The Optima features dynamic performance with its built-in eco-friendly features to aid in fuel economy and in the driving experience. The Optima Hybrid powertrain is able to balance efficiently when transitioning from its electric-only to a hybrid mode in an instant. Also featuring an active air flap that is automatically engaged to improve aerodynamics the Kia Optima also features a smart assistant to provide you with fuel economy stats to aid your driving experience.

An Evolution of Innovation

Hybrid technology innovates further in the way the car is put together. Featuring a lithium polymer battery that is small and compact allows a lightweight construction to help the overall dynamics and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The battery features high power density, making for large capacity with low heat generation to offer a silent-running EV mode when driving.

Optima Hybrid Engine

With a range of interiors to choose from, you can choose the Kia to suit your personality. Featuring a host of interior comforts such as dual climate control to maximise the comfort of you and your passenger, as well as a range of entertainment options to suit your needs, there is something that all the family will enjoy on a road trip.

The Kia Optima builds on an evolution of motoring and creates a revolution in hybrid technology. The award-winning Optima has set a new standard in fuel efficiency that will stand the test of time for a long while, giving motorists the pleasure of driving.