Sunday, 31 August 2014

Five Most Essential Items Your Car Must Have

For many people, driving is the epitome of freedom; the freedom to go anywhere you desire the way you want, in the vehicle you want. But for those unfortunate times that things don’t go your way, you can always rely on several essential driving items that should go with your KIA on every journey. Call outs for breakdowns have skyrocketed in recent years, and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere is no fun at all, so here is a quick list of what you need to get you out of trouble if something goes wrong.

1. Spare Tyre and Jack

It doesn’t get more essential than these two right here. A very high percentage of vehicle breakdowns are caused by flat tyres or punctures, so ensuring that you have a spare tyre and jack to change tyre when necessary is one of the most important items you should always have ready in your vehicle.

Spare Tyre and Jack

Many vehicles come with a built in spare tyre that is only made to get you home, or to your local Kia parts garage to be replaced for a new one. Always ensure on a regular basis that your spare tyre is in good working condition and that it is ready to get you home in case of an emergency. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without a replacement.

2. Emergency Petrol Can

One of the most important tools in all of motoring is making sure you have enough petrol. You can often find yourself out in the middle of nowhere with a limited amount of fuel hoping that it will get you home, but if you are out of luck, a quick refill will be just enough to get you home.

Emergency petrol can

Obviously you will want to ensure that you have enough fuel at all times, but in those cases where you know you will be running low, you should always carry a can. The majority of petrol stations sell the necessary equipment if you really need it, but having one in your vehicle will save you that extra bit of money in desperate times on the road.

3. A Motoring Toolbox

A toolbox is an essential piece of motoring gear that should go with you at all times and for all occasions. You never know when you may need to tweak something in the engine to get you home in an emergency, so ensure that you have a full set of tools that is suitable for your car at all times.

motoring toolbox

Find out what your vehicle may be susceptible to when breaking down and ensure that you have all of the right tools for the job. Most KIA parts retailers will point you in the right direction as far as tools are concerned, but a good start will be to take a big roll of gaffer tape, a spanner set, and if all else fails: a hammer.

4. GPS

One of the many marvels of modern motoring is the GPS navigation system. Gone are the days that you need to check your route via a large and cumbersome paper map. Now all you have to do is type or speak your destination address and you will be directed gently to your destination with a calming and polite voice.


It can be easy to get lost very quickly when travelling to a destination you are not familiar with, so taking a backup plan with you will ensure that you will get to your destination unscathed. When all else fails, you should probably take a paper map of your area and learn the routes, but otherwise, keep your GPS charged up and updated with the latest firmware and maps to make your journey go a little more smoother.

5. Breakdown Kit

Probably the most important aspect of motoring has to be road safety. So in case of an emergency or a breakdown, ensure that you have a little breakdown kit that will allow you to be safe on the road, as well as let others know of your situation for the safety of everyone.

Breakdown Kit

Your breakdown kit should include essential tools, a torch, a mat to work under your car, a jack, jump leads, an all-weather hazard jacket and hazard sign, as well as a tow-rope and petrol can. These items are essential in the majority of breakdowns, so ensure that you have all of these items in an easy to reach place in your vehicle so that when something does go wrong – you are well-prepared for the worst.

These are the most of the essential things you need to take on any driving tip; without them, there’s every chance you’re left vulnerable in the case of an emergency. Spare car parts are also an option if you’ve got a bit more mechanical knowledge. Things like hoses, nuts/bolts and other bits and bobs can be crucial. You can pick up these kinds of parts for your specific vehicle from spare parts specialists and some car dealerships too.

Being one of the largest Kia car dealers in Melbourne, we have a team of expert and authorised Kia spare parts specialists whom you can trust and they will warmly assist you in making your car prepared enough for the emergency situation. So, make sure you are well prepared on the road and as always – be safe!