Monday, 23 November 2015

KIA’s Small Car the Soul Dominating the Competition in 2015

Planning to buy a small car? Studied so many brands and offerings? Well, STOP! Look no further than the marvellous KIA Soul, one of the most highly decorated and awarded subcompact vehicles in 2015.

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The boxy 2015 edition of the Soul has been commended for its unique look - despite technically being a hatchback, it deviates from the typical hatchback look that has arguably become a little outdated these days. The flat backside of the vehicles is something we’re probably used to seeing on a much larger car and this actually gives the Soul a somewhat funky appearance. In car reviews across Australia, critics are adamant that this hip new KIA Soul is Kia soul one of the best small cars available in 2015.

Awards and Achievements: 2015 Loved KIA Soul!

The snazzy, smooth looking Soul has brought home a host of awards and stamps of approval for finding the right balance between size, comfort, affordability and performance on the road.

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One of the most revered awards in design industry, ‘Red Dot award’ recognised KIA Soul EV car as the winner in 2015 for its outstanding product design, stating, “With a long-range capacity, a simple control concept and high-quality interior design, the KIA Soul EV contributes to the acceptance of the electric car”.

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Voted the best subcompact car by Edmunds.com and best hatchback family cars on the market by U.S News & World Report, it’s not difficult to see why the Soul has been one of the most popular sellers for singles, couples and families alike.

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Not only that but the KIA Soul is also being recognised as being environmentally-friendly. It’s been crowned the ‘Green Car of the Year’ and ‘Best Electric Car’ by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada and Motoring TV respectively.

Offering Rich Features for 2015 and Beyond

The 5-door KIA Soul Australia has a bunch of innovative features and add-ons available. As standard, the Soul comes with power steering, 17” alloy wheels, cruise control, power windows, 6-speed manual transmission and long warranty.

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The 2015 model comes with the added option of a rear-view camera, smartphone connectivity, USB port sunroof, touchscreen audio-visual display, leather seats push-button start, various telematics features and many more features.

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As well as being one the feature-packed compact cars on the market, it’s also renowned 
for its roomy interior and has one of the most spacious storage areas of any small car in its class.

Maintenance is No Hassle, We’re Here for You

Like all KIA cars in Australia, the Soul comes with an industry-leading 7-year, unlimited kilometre warranty, and 12 months roadside assist. If there are problems with your KIA vehicle, make sure you contact a certified KIA cars dealer. 

If you are in Melbourne then Chadstone KIA, renowned for their unparalleled service and customer support, along with the largest collection of Kia original parts available in Victoria for you and can assist with any requirements for KIA vehicles.

As always, keep an eye out for new KIA models being released in 2017!