Wednesday, 31 December 2014

5 Blake Griffin KIA Commercials Where He Time Travels To His Younger Self on the KIA Optima

KIA Optima the Blake Griffin Version

Blake Griffin, the all-star NBA player for the LA Clippers has recently been starring in the adverts for the brand new 2013 Kia Optima. In each of these 5 adverts, Blake travels back in time thanks to the Kia’s UVO voice-activated infotainment system to meet his younger self. Along with advice for the younger Blake Griffin, he explains the best features of this futuristic Kia made for the modern age.

1) 1995 – Shooting Hoops in the Driveway

In this advert, Blake travels back in time to 1995 to see himself shooting hoops in the driveway of his home. When his younger self asks if the Kia he arrived in was his space ship, older Blake responds by telling his younger self that in fact it is the brand new 2013 Kia Optima which has a futuristic UVO voice-activated control infotainment system.

This advanced system allows the playback of music, radio changes as well as traffic and navigation advice to be played back without touching a single button. Blake Griffin advises his younger self to practice his free throws a lot!

2) 1997 - Football

Back in 1997, the world didn’t know just how good the Kia Optima 2013 model really was, which is probably why Blake travelled back in time using the car’s built-in UVO voice recognition platform to 1997. Seeing his younger self playing football in the park, Blake mentions a few futuristic things about the Kia optima, including its heated and cooled front seats.

Blake catches the American football in his hands, proclaiming his younger self and a friend are playing the wrong sport, before proceeding to kick the ball into the horizon. Blake has a few things to tell himself, including to “Stop wearing jean shorts”.

3) 1999 – Video Game Arcade Player Blake

In this advert, Blake travels back to 1999 with the help of his Kia Optima’s UVO voice command system and a little bit of Eiffel 95’s Blue playing in the background. He finds his younger self-playing a car racing video game and proclaims that he needs a better car.

The 2013 Kia Optima is indeed a better car, after being awarded the most appealing mid-sized sedan by J.D Power and Associates. With a whole host of awards from worldwide markets, you can see why it has become such a popular car to drive and enjoy.

4) 2002 – Blake’s Sunblock Advert

Blake uses the Kia Optima 2013 model to travel back in time to see his younger self sat on the ground under a basketball hoop overheating under the sun. Blake offers a giant tub of sunblock to help his younger self out, saying that he is “gonna be needing this, a lot”.

Protection is an important thing, Blake says, before pointing out that the 2013 Kia Optima has great protection for the driver and passengers, being one of the IIHS’s top safety picks.

5) 2006 Blake’s Driveway Bench Press Workout

In this version of the time travel adverts, Blake travels back in time to see himself at a younger age bench pressing weights in his driveway. When asked if he is wearing weight lifting gloves, the older Blake mentions that they are his racing gloves and that his Kia Optima turbo has paddle shifters to change gear, the younger Blake seems rather impressed.

Telling his younger self to keep bench pressing if he wants to look like him, the younger Blake seemed pretty impressed and continued to bench press.

The Kia Optima has many features that make it ahead of its time. With satellite navigation, a rear view camera as well as the fantastic UVO voice-activated infotainment system you are sure to be thrilled with. With excellent fuel economy but having plenty of power at hand, the Kia Optima is a perfect partner for your time-travelling adventures.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Green Lantern vs Kia Soul – The Battle for Road Supremacy

Nothing beats a perfect partnership when it comes to being a superhero. So Korean automobile giant Kia and American comic book industry leader DC Comics have teamed up in the campaign ‘We Can Be Heroes’, to raise awareness for the hunger in Africa. Somewhere in a not-too-distant Kia showroom near you, might you find the latest in a series of creations by Jon Sibal and Jim Lee that aims to replicate the characters associated with DC Comic’s Justice League in the form of the spirited Kia front-runner cars.

The Green Lantern Vs the KIA Soul

With a fantastic opportunity like this to see how both automotive artists and comic book artists fare when it comes to recreating a hero in vehicle form, the Green Lantern Kia Soul is sure to wow even the most avid comic book fans and motorheads alike. The Kia Soul is well known for its character like no other, so what better way than to transform it into a true superhero of the road with a dazzling array of detail.

A Unique Character, An Unique Soul

Green Lantern

When the Kia Soul Green Lantern edition was first designed, every single detail mattered to both the automotive and comic book aspect of the two main designers. It car had to reflect the character of the comic book and movie hero, as well as be paired with a car full of character, spirit, and uniqueness that could really bring out all of the details you’d come to expect from a superhero universe.

Front Green lantern KIA soul

As the perfect crime-fighting vehicle, the Green Lantern himself couldn’t have chosen a better urban city car to create with his energy ring than the Kia Soul. Featuring plenty of legroom for the biggest of superhero feet, as well as a passenger seat, the Green Lantern could even nip to his local Swedish furniture store to pick up a nice kitchen stool or two if he needed to on his day off from fighting those rotten alien criminals.

Rear Green lantern KIA soul

Featuring an array of special features on the exterior, the Green Lantern Kia Soul is painted with the green and black colouring of the superhero in question and finished off with a deep green tinted window set. The trademark features of the Green Lantern aren’t missed in the details, as the fog lights and projector beams coming from the front of the Kia Soul feature glowing, pulsating green lights to really let those know who is coming.

Trademark Features Redesigned

Interior Green lantern KIA soul

The entire front fender of the car, including the headlights, is designed to replicate the look and feel of the Green Lantern’s mask. This trademark feature has kept the world from knowing the true identity of the one chosen by the power ring for a long time, as well as bumping up the toughness of the Kia Soul to new levels when it comes to looks and style in the Kia showroom.

The majority of the Green Lantern KIA Soul has been built from the ground up, meaning most of the car has been stripped away leaving only the bare essentials that your average crime fighter needs to perform his daily duties. The rest of the car has been built specifically for the project and features many bespoke bodywork and parts to truly bring out the larger-than-life character of the car itself.

Custom Made Parts and Special Effects

Rims Green lantern KIA soul

The entire car has been lowered to give it a more road-hugging look and features hand-made, custom-built spherical alloy wheel rim plates that carry the Green Lantern logo. Also featuring wide body panels and fender parts to give the Kia Soul a little more bulk, the finished product looks ready to hit the streets, making a dramatic transformation on the exterior that fully reflects the hero behind the wheel.

the lantern in KIA soul

On the interior of the Kia Soul Green Lantern edition, you will find a glowing green steering wheel that brings into line the overall theme of the car. With green and black interior finishes in the door panels, dash and seating areas, it is a truly cool looking car. In the back, you will find that the two rear doors have been fused shut to allow the installation of a custom floor surface that houses the Green Lantern Power Source battery so you can recharge on the go!

Overall, the Green Lantern Kia has been a triumph of a transformation that is sure to inspire many to choose to be a hero and get involved with the sterling work done by ‘We Can Be Heroes’. If you have the urge to drive like a superhero, why not check out your local Kia showroom to find out all about the Kia Soul and what it can do for you. Experience the sporty handling, economical performance and a ride to dream of – without a supervillain price tag.

Following are few videos of the making and presentation of the Green Lantern-themed KIA Soul:

1. Kia x DC Comics Green Lantern - Built for Justice

2.  Green Lantern - Built for Justice - Act 2

3.  2012 Kia Soul Green Lantern - Exterior Walkaround - 2013 Detroit Auto Show

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Kia Optima: An Evolutionary Car, a Revolutionary Hybrid

Eve so often, a radically different car comes onto the market to make other manufacturers look dated and old tech. Kia has leapt into the spotlight to promote their fuel-efficient cars, as well as the implementation of one of the most advanced hybrid vehicle technologies.

The Kia Optima made headlines in recent years as becoming the most fuel-efficient hybrid car not only in its class but in the world. Let us look at how much fuel efficiency can be made, as well as some of the hybrid technology explained.

KIA Optima Hybrid

Hybrid cars are an innovative development in the history of the motor vehicle, starting from the gas-guzzling large block engines of the past, to the more energy and fuel-efficient cars of today. Hybrid cars work on a dual power system of both a petrol engine and a battery. The car functions like any other car, but with a difference, in that, the power stored in the battery can later be used to power the car.

A Shining Light in Hybrid Technology

Many hybrid cars employ different ways of storing the power or using the power stored in the battery. Some cars are fully electric but require longer charging times and often lack the power needed for everyday motoring to become an enjoyable experience driving.

KIA Hybrid Technology

The Kia Optima features an innovative design in how it utilises all of its power from its petrol engine and battery storage, to offer one of the best fuel-efficient cars on the market.

The hybrid powertrain is supplied by a high-power lithium polymer battery that supplies all the power you need in the city and an eco-efficient petrol engine when you are travelling long-distance. The regenerative battery system helps charge the battery when braking, leaving you that extra power when you need it most.

Optima Hyvrid meter

The Optima features dynamic performance with its built-in eco-friendly features to aid in fuel economy and in the driving experience. The Optima Hybrid powertrain is able to balance efficiently when transitioning from its electric-only to a hybrid mode in an instant. Also featuring an active air flap that is automatically engaged to improve aerodynamics the Kia Optima also features a smart assistant to provide you with fuel economy stats to aid your driving experience.

An Evolution of Innovation

Hybrid technology innovates further in the way the car is put together. Featuring a lithium polymer battery that is small and compact allows a lightweight construction to help the overall dynamics and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The battery features high power density, making for large capacity with low heat generation to offer a silent-running EV mode when driving.

Optima Hybrid Engine

With a range of interiors to choose from, you can choose the Kia to suit your personality. Featuring a host of interior comforts such as dual climate control to maximise the comfort of you and your passenger, as well as a range of entertainment options to suit your needs, there is something that all the family will enjoy on a road trip.

The Kia Optima builds on an evolution of motoring and creates a revolution in hybrid technology. The award-winning Optima has set a new standard in fuel efficiency that will stand the test of time for a long while, giving motorists the pleasure of driving.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Five Most Essential Items Your Car Must Have

For many people, driving is the epitome of freedom; the freedom to go anywhere you desire the way you want, in the vehicle you want. But for those unfortunate times that things don’t go your way, you can always rely on several essential driving items that should go with your KIA on every journey. Call outs for breakdowns have skyrocketed in recent years, and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere is no fun at all, so here is a quick list of what you need to get you out of trouble if something goes wrong.

1. Spare Tyre and Jack

It doesn’t get more essential than these two right here. A very high percentage of vehicle breakdowns are caused by flat tyres or punctures, so ensuring that you have a spare tyre and jack to change tyre when necessary is one of the most important items you should always have ready in your vehicle.

Spare Tyre and Jack

Many vehicles come with a built in spare tyre that is only made to get you home, or to your local Kia parts garage to be replaced for a new one. Always ensure on a regular basis that your spare tyre is in good working condition and that it is ready to get you home in case of an emergency. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without a replacement.

2. Emergency Petrol Can

One of the most important tools in all of motoring is making sure you have enough petrol. You can often find yourself out in the middle of nowhere with a limited amount of fuel hoping that it will get you home, but if you are out of luck, a quick refill will be just enough to get you home.

Emergency petrol can

Obviously you will want to ensure that you have enough fuel at all times, but in those cases where you know you will be running low, you should always carry a can. The majority of petrol stations sell the necessary equipment if you really need it, but having one in your vehicle will save you that extra bit of money in desperate times on the road.

3. A Motoring Toolbox

A toolbox is an essential piece of motoring gear that should go with you at all times and for all occasions. You never know when you may need to tweak something in the engine to get you home in an emergency, so ensure that you have a full set of tools that is suitable for your car at all times.

motoring toolbox

Find out what your vehicle may be susceptible to when breaking down and ensure that you have all of the right tools for the job. Most KIA parts retailers will point you in the right direction as far as tools are concerned, but a good start will be to take a big roll of gaffer tape, a spanner set, and if all else fails: a hammer.

4. GPS

One of the many marvels of modern motoring is the GPS navigation system. Gone are the days that you need to check your route via a large and cumbersome paper map. Now all you have to do is type or speak your destination address and you will be directed gently to your destination with a calming and polite voice.


It can be easy to get lost very quickly when travelling to a destination you are not familiar with, so taking a backup plan with you will ensure that you will get to your destination unscathed. When all else fails, you should probably take a paper map of your area and learn the routes, but otherwise, keep your GPS charged up and updated with the latest firmware and maps to make your journey go a little more smoother.

5. Breakdown Kit

Probably the most important aspect of motoring has to be road safety. So in case of an emergency or a breakdown, ensure that you have a little breakdown kit that will allow you to be safe on the road, as well as let others know of your situation for the safety of everyone.

Breakdown Kit

Your breakdown kit should include essential tools, a torch, a mat to work under your car, a jack, jump leads, an all-weather hazard jacket and hazard sign, as well as a tow-rope and petrol can. These items are essential in the majority of breakdowns, so ensure that you have all of these items in an easy to reach place in your vehicle so that when something does go wrong – you are well-prepared for the worst.

These are the most of the essential things you need to take on any driving tip; without them, there’s every chance you’re left vulnerable in the case of an emergency. Spare car parts are also an option if you’ve got a bit more mechanical knowledge. Things like hoses, nuts/bolts and other bits and bobs can be crucial. You can pick up these kinds of parts for your specific vehicle from spare parts specialists and some car dealerships too.

Being one of the largest Kia car dealers in Melbourne, we have a team of expert and authorised Kia spare parts specialists whom you can trust and they will warmly assist you in making your car prepared enough for the emergency situation. So, make sure you are well prepared on the road and as always – be safe!