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Best Ways To Keep Your Kia In Good Condition

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Kia Cars - Reliable ride on Road

Kia has a reputation as one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. Because the vehicles are well built and have a relatively simple operating system, it isn’t uncommon for owners to drive their Kia Cars to well over 150,000 miles without significant inconveniences. But in order to do this, proper car care and detailing are required along the way, and that goes deeper than just changing the oil every 3,000 miles.

I drive a 2013 Kia Forte and I love it- I have learned several tricks to keep my Kia always in good condition. Here in this article, we will take a look at the best ways to keep your Kia Car in good condition, even over extended periods of time.

Take Good Care of Your Kia Car With These Tips

Keeping a Kia running smoothly is generally inexpensive compared to American and European cars, and the more complex Japanese brands like Lexus and Subaru. I recommend regularly using an obd2 scanner to make sure there aren’t any critical errors in the way the car is running. These devices scan the engine and electric components of the car and deliver a report of any issues, sometimes offering simple solutions. If you don’t have one, most car parts stores can run the scan for you and turn off the “check engine” light, or you can buy one for around $15 to $20.

  • Check Your Air Filter.
    • I try to check the filter on my Kia every few months, particularly during summer when it’s windy outside. If your engine is being hit by a bunch of dust and debris, it will wear down quicker and not run as smoothly. This leads to lower gas mileage and potentially larger issues down the line, and all it takes to prevent it is to change air filter!
  • Keep your Kia prepared for the elements.
    • This means winterizing the car in late Autumn, and then reversing the process in late Spring. Because of a Kia’ build, it can be susceptible to extreme weather if not taken proper care of.
Kia Car Winterizing Tips - Kia Car Servicing
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    • Also, have seasonally appropriate tires. This helps gas mileage and also makes it easier on the engine. Running snow tires when it's ninety degrees outside is extremely inefficient, and the same goes for not changing those bald, worn out old tires before it snows.
  • Keep the interior and exterior clean.
    • Regular details and vacuuming of the car can go a long way in maintaining your Kia’s value and keeping the car feeling like new. When looking to always keep your Kia in good condition, taking care of the interior of the car is just as important as the vehicle maintenance. No one wants to buy (or even ride in!) a car that is trashed and has a foul odour, so do yourself a favour and keep it clean.
    • While you’re at it, a car wash is only going to help the cause. Use soap of a decent quality to ensure that it won’t damage the paint and always rinse thoroughly.
  •  If an accident happens, make repairs quickly
    • We’ve all seen it- the guy driving around with a bashed-in front bumper, clearly trying to delay the expenditure it will take to get the car up to snuff. But he is also hurting his car’s value and potentially risking further damages by not getting it fixed. Leaving problems unsolved can lead to bigger problems down the line, especially if the problem is mechanical and not just external.
    • Having comprehensive insurance, a good warranty plan, a good Kia finance deal can really help keep your Kia in good condition always because you likely won’t have as many out-of-pocket costs to get the car fixed. By spending a little more now, you can save a bunch of money later.

  • Change the serpentine belt.
    • You will notice when the serpentine belt is wearing out because riding in the car will become noticeably less comfortable. There will be vibrations, and sometimes noises coming from under the hood.
    • Check to see if the belt is brittle, frayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged. If something sounds wrong, it probably is.
    • Serpentine belts can be changed with just a few tools and the purchase of a new belt. Otherwise, a dealership or maintenance garage can do it very quickly.
  • Keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance
    • The engine and parts on your Kia are relatively simple and minimize the risk of major breakdowns, particularly on the coupe and sedan models like Rio and Forte. When you buy the vehicle from a dealership, have them sign you up for maintenance reminders.

      Often, they will send coupons and incentives along with these reminders to help keep the cost down. Again, use the obd2 scanner if you suspect something is awry here, that way you’ll have an idea of what to tell the mechanic when you bring the car into the shop.
    • Oil changes, tire rotations, and engine checks will all keep the car running well and maximize gas mileage. If there is uneven wear on the tires, it is time for an alignment!
    • Regular alignments and checks on the suspension system can be super helpful in maximizing your Kia’s performance.
    • Filling fluids and changing windshield wipers seasonally is a great habit to get into, that way you won’t be stuck needing to pull over on a road trip or drive to work for something simple like wiper fluid.
    • Change the brake pads regularly to avoid metal-on-metal grinding that will kill the rotors. As soon as you hear any noise when braking, schedule an appointment with your mechanic.
    • Adding to that, your important vehicle should get good care and service from authorised Kia service centres to get the best care outcome
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Enjoy Cruising on Open Roads in  A Kia Car
Buying and maintaining a Kia is a worthwhile venture, whether you drive it purely for commuting or like to get out on the open road and enjoy a cruise. Kia Cars have the reputation of Asian vehicles- long lasting and durable, but with a Kia, you have the added benefit of a car that won’t run you into the ground financially. A Kia is a good investment and with proper maintenance and care, can quickly become a great one.