Monday, 17 August 2015

Plan Your Trip In Advance with This Handy Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Vehicle Inspection

Planning a long driving trip any time soon? Or wanting to take a holiday with the family? There are a few things you’ll need to do before you try on your new bathing costume and pack your luggage. Taking good care of your vehicle will in turn take good care of you and your family.

Check Tyre pressure

By ensuring that your vehicle is in good working condition with a quick vehicle status check, you will be able to save money on fuel efficiency, ensure that your vehicle is safe and secure and allow your driving trip to go smoothly. Buying car parts on a regular basis might become expensive, but by keeping your car in good shape with a pre-trip car check, you may save some money on costly repairs.

Clean windshields / wipers

Many roadside or call-out breakdown services advise anyone planning a long driving trip to check their vehicle for wear and tear and ensure that the vehicle is working in tip-top shape. These breakdown services run into the usual problems all the time, and by checking your vehicle over before you leave, you can limit the problems you may face during a lengthy road trip.

check Oil levels

The standard items on your check list should be the parts of your car you already check on a regular basis. This includes, but is not limited to:

Tyre pressure
Headlights, signalling, warning and braking lights
Oil levels
Fuel levels
Clean windshields / wipers
Mirror positioning

Before planning a long road trip, you need to ensure other parts and accessories of your car and in good working condition, and checking them before your trip will give you enough time to make changes or even repairs if necessary.

check Air filter

Some of the most fundamental systems of your car need to be checked to help your journey run smoothly as your car does. Some of the checks to note include:

Transmission fluid
Air filter
Spare wheel, jack and wrench
Steering and suspension

With all of these items in check you will be safe in the knowledge that your car is running in good shape. If you see any issues with the oil levels, coolant and other fluids your car may need. A simple topping up of these items and ensuring they are packed for your trip will spare you expensive trips to the petrol station.

Check  Spare wheel, jack and wrench

Other items of note to make sure your long road trip goes perfectly are the extra items it is advised that you take with you in case of emergencies and make up a list of essential items to take with you. These include:

• First aid kit
Torch, fluorescent jacket and warning sign

First aid kit and Torch, fluorescent jacket and warning sign

If you are taking a trip that is in the middle of nowhere, or somewhere that you haven’t been before, it is worth considering purchasing a GPS navigation system. These come in handy for finding your route if you ever leave it, notifying you of points of interest along your route, as well as petrol stations, garages and emergency services information. A full car safety check will give you more confidence in your vehicle when partaking in long road trips with your family.

Get Help If You Need It

If you already have a GPS navigation system, ensure that you have downloaded or installed the latest firmware and updated maps for your system to allow your GPS to update with all of the latest changes on the road.

Car GPS System

With all of your checks done, you are now ready to hit the road and enjoy your holiday. Ensuring that your car is assessed via a vehicle inspection checklist against repairs and upkeep is a great way to keep your car in good shape.

By ensuring your vehicle is topped up with oil, Coolant/antifreeze and water, checking the tire pressure, braking and suspension aids in the overall fuel efficiency of your car, and most of the essential items that your car must have during a long holiday trip. These little tweaks of carefulness allows you to extend your vehicles working life, for more long road trips to come!

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