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Green Lantern vs Kia Soul – The Battle for Road Supremacy

Nothing beats a perfect partnership when it comes to being a superhero. So Korean automobile giant Kia and American comic book industry leader DC Comics have teamed up in the campaign ‘We Can Be Heroes’, to raise awareness for the hunger in Africa. Somewhere in a not-too-distant Kia showroom near you, might you find the latest in a series of creations by Jon Sibal and Jim Lee that aims to replicate the characters associated with DC Comic’s Justice League in the form of the spirited Kia front-runner cars.

The Green Lantern Vs the KIA Soul

With a fantastic opportunity like this to see how both automotive artists and comic book artists fare when it comes to recreating a hero in vehicle form, the Green Lantern Kia Soul is sure to wow even the most avid comic book fans and motorheads alike. The Kia Soul is well known for its character like no other, so what better way than to transform it into a true superhero of the road with a dazzling array of detail.

A Unique Character, An Unique Soul

Green Lantern

When the Kia Soul Green Lantern edition was first designed, every single detail mattered to both the automotive and comic book aspect of the two main designers. It car had to reflect the character of the comic book and movie hero, as well as be paired with a car full of character, spirit, and uniqueness that could really bring out all of the details you’d come to expect from a superhero universe.

Front Green lantern KIA soul

As the perfect crime-fighting vehicle, the Green Lantern himself couldn’t have chosen a better urban city car to create with his energy ring than the Kia Soul. Featuring plenty of legroom for the biggest of superhero feet, as well as a passenger seat, the Green Lantern could even nip to his local Swedish furniture store to pick up a nice kitchen stool or two if he needed to on his day off from fighting those rotten alien criminals.

Rear Green lantern KIA soul

Featuring an array of special features on the exterior, the Green Lantern Kia Soul is painted with the green and black colouring of the superhero in question and finished off with a deep green tinted window set. The trademark features of the Green Lantern aren’t missed in the details, as the fog lights and projector beams coming from the front of the Kia Soul feature glowing, pulsating green lights to really let those know who is coming.

Trademark Features Redesigned

Interior Green lantern KIA soul

The entire front fender of the car, including the headlights, is designed to replicate the look and feel of the Green Lantern’s mask. This trademark feature has kept the world from knowing the true identity of the one chosen by the power ring for a long time, as well as bumping up the toughness of the Kia Soul to new levels when it comes to looks and style in the Kia showroom.

The majority of the Green Lantern KIA Soul has been built from the ground up, meaning most of the car has been stripped away leaving only the bare essentials that your average crime fighter needs to perform his daily duties. The rest of the car has been built specifically for the project and features many bespoke bodywork and parts to truly bring out the larger-than-life character of the car itself.

Custom Made Parts and Special Effects

Rims Green lantern KIA soul

The entire car has been lowered to give it a more road-hugging look and features hand-made, custom-built spherical alloy wheel rim plates that carry the Green Lantern logo. Also featuring wide body panels and fender parts to give the Kia Soul a little more bulk, the finished product looks ready to hit the streets, making a dramatic transformation on the exterior that fully reflects the hero behind the wheel.

the lantern in KIA soul

On the interior of the Kia Soul Green Lantern edition, you will find a glowing green steering wheel that brings into line the overall theme of the car. With green and black interior finishes in the door panels, dash and seating areas, it is a truly cool looking car. In the back, you will find that the two rear doors have been fused shut to allow the installation of a custom floor surface that houses the Green Lantern Power Source battery so you can recharge on the go!

Overall, the Green Lantern Kia has been a triumph of a transformation that is sure to inspire many to choose to be a hero and get involved with the sterling work done by ‘We Can Be Heroes’. If you have the urge to drive like a superhero, why not check out your local Kia showroom to find out all about the Kia Soul and what it can do for you. Experience the sporty handling, economical performance and a ride to dream of – without a supervillain price tag.

Following are few videos of the making and presentation of the Green Lantern-themed KIA Soul:

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3.  2012 Kia Soul Green Lantern - Exterior Walkaround - 2013 Detroit Auto Show

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