Monday, 23 December 2013

5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Your Next Car

There are many things to think about when in the market to buy a new car, but choosing the right car to suit your needs while carefully balancing performance, price and features can be significantly more difficult when in practice. It is always good to get a good sense of the range of vehicle you are looking to purchase, whether to choose a new car with finance for the breakdown peace of mind or to upgrade through the second-hand market.

1) Stick to Your Budget

One of the first things you will quickly realise is the budget you will be working too. Choosing the right car based on how much you can afford is a wise choice, as with all the added extra features and upgrades a salesman might offer you, you might find that even with the most cautious of finance you may be paying way over the odds. It is common practice for many people to invest in a modern previously owned car if the upgrade is somewhat out of your price range for a new purchase. This is a great idea in theory, but make sure that you are buying from a reputable dealership that can offer a warranty. 

 2) Fuel Efficiency

fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is another huge factor in choosing a car these days, especially given the rising prices of petrol recently. Many modern cars offer exceptional fuel efficiency, even for relatively large cars. Also, great strides in technology have ensured that hybrid vehicles are making headway in providing a true alternative to petrol-only cars. You should also make sure that if buying a previously owned car that it passes all of the required fuel efficiency inspections and is in good shape before making the sale.

3) Shop Around a Little

Shopping around plays a huge role in the final price you can make on the car you have chosen. Making sure to get written quotes that you can take to other dealerships will ensure that you are at least getting a fair price, and might even get you a bargain. Make sure to be confident when bargaining on a final price for the car you are about to buy. You can also check online pages for the best price.This is a relatively large purchase, so make sure that you are getting value for money, and if lucky a full tank of petrol to get you home.

4) Does it Suit Your Lifestyle?

Making sure that the car you purchase suits your needs is also another important factor to consider. A nice shiny sports model may look great in the showroom, but how are you going to get the kids and the dog in the back of it? If possible, ask the dealership if you can pay to have an overnight test drive. Normally a small holding fee can release the car you have chosen to test drive and it will allow you to get a great feel for the car you are about to buy. Take the car shopping, drop the kids off at school, perform your daily routine and see how the car fits.

5) Shortlist the Cars You Like

Making sure that you have a nice selection of vehicles that you have shortlisted is important in finalising the choice for your next purchase. Consult your partner and your children on your purchase and ask them how they feel. If you truly cannot decide between two or three different cars, it may come down to which just feels right. Make note of the extra features that each vehicle offers and weight the benefits up between them.

Purchasing your next vehicle can be a little stressful if you are not prepared. If you lack a little in the technical aspects of vehicles, ask a family member or friend who knows what they are talking about to help you out. Ask all of the pertinent questions when it comes down to the overall running costs of the car, but remember most of all that the final say is with you. Do not feel pressured into buying right away, give yourself time to mull over the decision and you will ultimately come to the right choice.

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Features of the All New Kia Rondo

The impressive KIA Rondo packs an extraordinary amount of flexibility and functionality for its size, especially considering its bargain price compared with similar vehicles on the market. Being a cross between a people carrier and a hatchback, the Kia Rondo is a popular choice for its compact size, fuel economy. Being a nimble and agile vehicle to drive, the Kia Rondo makes for a perfect addition for any small family.

KIA Rondo


The interior of the Kia Rondo is filled with storage options that employ a clever use of space considering its compact crossover label. Being nicely kitted out from the base model upwards, the Kia Rondo is available in a 2.0L petrol GDI engine as well as the 1.7L diesel.The Kia Rondo in both its engine choices features fuel economy that goes the distance while not hindering on performance.

KIA Rondo Specification


Being one of the most versatile people carriers on the market, the Kia Rondo features second-row seats that employ split folding of each of the three individual seats for maximum versatility in allowing seating configurations that suit your needs as a people mover or to shuttle a little cargo at the last minute. Also featuring a panoramic sunroof on the platinum model, this whole roof window allows natural light to light the interior, giving a beautiful panoramic view for the passengers, whilst allowing ventilation around the cabin when needed.


The Kia Rondo features a tall body that is also wide for extra comfort for the passengers. This intelligently designed use of space means that all 7 passengers can fit snug and comfortable, each with a roomy seat all to themselves. The two seats at the front offer the driver and passenger a roomy space to navigate with an unparalleled viewing of the road ahead. The three seats directly behind the driver and second passenger offer great leg room and can easily seat three adults comfortably.


The rear of a people mover is where a great multiple person vehicles makes its mark, and the Kia Rondo sets the bar impressively high. With a huge amount of space when the third-row seats are laid down. The storage space has been maximised throughout the vehicle and even adds extra storage space behind the first row seats under the floor. It is with the intelligent use of space when designing their vehicles that have made KIA one of the most imaginative and innovative car interior designers these past few years.

Spacious Cargo Room

In short, the Kia Rondo is an excellent vehicle for small or large families that need a reliable multiple people carrier that makes great use of space and saves on fuel costs. With great attention to detail, KIA has made a people mover that is great to drive and comfortable for all seven passengers, no matter how long the journey. With upgrades on many features to the top model on offer, even the standard base Kia Rondo offers all of the comfort and ability of a much more premium costing MPV on the market, at a reasonable price without compromising performance and features.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Concept KIA Vehicles

Welcome to the Chadstone KIA official blog! Watch this space for informative articles about KIA vehicles, our own services and just about anything that interests us. To get the ball rolling, we’re going to be looking at some of the concept, prototype cars that KIA has produced over the years.

Concept cars are essentially designed to showcase new design ideas and technologies that are possibly quite daring and in most cases could never be mass produced due to shortcomings in safety and practicality (very actually few are able to travel at over 20km per hour). Rather, they are generally presented to consumers at car shows and other events and used to gauge a reaction, so that the car manufacturers can take feedback into consideration when designing road vehicles. Here are some of our favourite KIA concepts cars design-wise over the past few years.

Kia Niro

The Kia Niro, which was presented just this month in Frankfurt, is a sleek, compact vehicle with vertical doors and front-wheel-drive capability. Featuring a 1.6-litre engine and seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission, the Niro has been designed to rival European smaller, compact cars of a similar type.

                                                          Kia Track’ster 

The highly praised Track’ster caused a lot of buzzes the time has been understood to sample the direction that KIA is taking with its Soul models. Described as looking ‘tough’ and ‘like a Bulldog’ by its chief designer, the Trickster is great to look at and has a strong engine to back it up, boasting a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with 186 Kilowatts of power! Would love to see this one mass produced.

Kia Ray

Released in 2010, the Ray is a classic example of a daring concept car that has futurist design elements. Looking as much like a spaceship as it does a road car, this four-seat prototype was put together with recycled materials and was in fact inspired by aircraft designs. Efficiency was the main concern here – this is a plug-in hybrid vehicle with a fuel economy rating of 86 km per litre. It also reflects sunlight, meaning there is less of a need to burn energy using an air conditioner. They thought of everything here.

                                                          Kia Kee
Going all the way back to 2007 is the streamlined, eye-catching coupe – the Kee. Unlike many concept cars, this vehicle was actually conceivable and quite realistic. With a 2.7 V6 engine and 6-speed transmission, it has various elements that have influenced KIA road vehicles of today.