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We are now inviting passionate writers to take the opportunity of guest posting on popular blog site regarding all about Kia!

We accept well-thought and well-wrought informative articles, infographic including videos or any form of digital content that our car enthusiast follower base would find appealing and be able to use for their benefits later.

Chadstone Kia - the premium Kia dealer of Melbourne, boasts a diverse and large-numbered reader base who are mostly car enthusiasts and have interests in automobile industry related niche topics like brand new Kia cars, new car models, Kia car maintenance and servicing, Kia parts and accessories, car comparisons, used and vintage cars, car related services, industry news, reviews, user experience and so on.

So, we expect our guest writers to send both Kia and automobile industry relevant articles, and any informative material, discussion, review, experience with Kia including facts, reports, latest market trends, future insights, etc.

Don't forget to use a Hypnotic Headline for the content and include car maintenance tips and tricks which readers find useful and can benefit from.

General Guest Posting Guidelines:

  • Length and Language - Your guest post content must be composed in well-written UK English with a minimum length of 600 words.
  • Content Authenticity - The suggested article post should be original, plagiarism-free and unique. And do make sure that the same contents have never been published before on the internet or anywhere.
  • Readability - A precisely formatted and easily scannable content including headers, sub-headings and bullet point lists is always welcome. For emphasis, use of bold text, italic formatting or quoting are also encouraged.
  • Image Attributes - Please do include at least one good quality and content relevant image with your post.
    The Image length and width should be in the dimension proportion of 800 pixels and above.
    Ensure that the attached image is owned or created by you or belongs to a free-to-use site.
    Don’t send us any image if you are not the owner of it or have reuse copyright issue.
  • Links and Affiliation - We only accept not more than one link inside the article content and in exchange, we require a backlink from your site or blog as well.

So if you have solid and substantial contents which you’d like to get featured as guest posts on our Blog, please Send Us Email Here with a short bio, an URL to your blog and the suggested content post.

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