Friday, 24 July 2015

How the Kia Super Bowl Commercial Has Changed Over the Years

Kia Super Bowl Commercial

Just like the cars that they advertise, we all love the design, imagery, and sheer imagination of the Kia commercials that have recently played on our small screens. One of the most lucrative advertising events in the world just happens to be during the NFL Super Bowl finals – a night of sporting greatness and advertising madness!

Some of the funniest, cleverest adverts of all time are screened in the period during the half-time spectacular and KIA has been there with some of the greatest ads to show its imagination in recent years. Let’s take a look at one of the first KIA Super Bowl commercials from a few years ago.

The KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2011 

KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2011

This advert just made KIA stand out of the box. A total reformation without any celeb endorsement it just made sure it was all about one hell of a ride i.e. “One epic ride”. It began by depriving the owner off limiting him from his possession i.e. the car, being handcuffed by the police officer who was so fond of KIA Optima’s mesmerizing looks, that he was compelled to steal it. 

Riding his way to glory he was attacked by a heroic villain out of the sky. The helicopter just got hold of the car using a digitised suction slinger to raise the car off the ground. The police following the precise movement jumped out of the car to save his life.\

Later as the heroic villain was flying over the sea, a mythical sea God from the Greek mythology i.e. Poseidon appears to get hold of such alluring possession. With his trident he cut loose the sling to grasp the car on his might hands. As he manages to do so, his cupidity didn’t last long. 

An extra-terrestrial flying soccer appears out of the blue to hijack the car out of those mighty hand using a power blue beamer suction force. Having the lucrative car under their possession the UFO’s plan to go for a test drive on there out of the Earthy roads. But it wasn’t a permissible boon from the omnipotent to have such grandeur car hence they too had to fall prey to the herculean black hole suction. 

At last but not the least the black hole redirected the car to the vagabonded wish of the Aztecs. So the car finally rested on their auspicious ritual place i.e. next to the pyramids showcasing true maestoso and elegancy. 

This advert in total aided to portray that you have asked the omniscient for thrill, frolic, adventure, out of the world kind of experience & little masala of mythical power of the gods and He bestowed upon you a total package from the seventh pedestal i.e. the KIA OPTIMA.

The KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2012

KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2012

This commercial stood out for a number of reasons, it’s thrilling soundtrack was perfect for the ad’s prime position and the imagery showed what the KIA Optima is all about.

As a couple is asleep at night, the sandman comes to sprinkle some sleeping dust over the faces of those who are asleep, but as he tries, he trips over a slipper and drops the entire pot of magic sleepy dust over the man’s face.

This makes the dream the man is having all the more vivid, as he finds himself in the latest KIA Optima on a stadium racetrack. In the middle of the stadium Motley Crue are playing one of the biggest rock anthems as the supermodel Adriana Lima waves the starting flag for the man to race his optima around the track.

As the man enjoys his full-throttle KIA Optima, lumberjacks cut a huge foot-long style sandwich for him to enjoy, the audience of thousands of scantily-clad models cheer him on and at the end he breaks off of the track, into his wife’s dream and steals her from a horse-riding, Pantaloon-wearing dude. Amazing!

The KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2013

KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2013

This 2013 KIA super bowl commercial was one of the favourites with viewers for both its imagination and its cuteness. It starts with a family enjoying a drive where a little boy asks his dad, who is driving, where babies come from. The father responds with a long story about a planet called Babylandia, where babies of all shapes and sizes, including animals live.

The commercial shows a baby walking through a forest, followed by a few baby penguins and finally baby pandas who walk towards a futuristic space ship complex.

They all live together, but once in a while, a super space ship is launched with babies of all types which visits earth and places babies all around the world, such as Africa and the Indian Ocean – just about well, everywhere the father continues.

The images show babies being parachuted into various locations, a baby giraffe lands next to a mother giraffe, a baby whale into the ocean and a small puppy finally parachutes into a garden awaiting its parents.

The boy in the back seat of the car looks at his father unconvincingly and says that “Jake” said babies are made when mummies and daddies… and is quickly cut off by the father who asks the KIA's on-board voice-recognition audio system, UVO to play the song “The wheels on the bus”, and quickly starts singing along to avoid more questions.

The KIA Super Bowl 2014 Commercial  

KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2014

In the 2014 Super Bowl commercial for KIA, we see a couple picking up their car from the valet. That valet turns out to the Lawrence Fishburne playing his character Morpheus from the Matrix films. He turns to the couple and says “The world of luxury has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth”. The couple just want their car keys, but Morpheus has more to offer.

He continues: “Take the blue key, you go back to the luxury you know. Take the red key and you will never look at luxury the same again”. The commercial changes speed as the couple clearly have chosen the red key – a key that gives them the opportunity to drive the stunning KIA K900 luxury sedan.

Whilst in the car, the couple comment on how amazing the car is, and Morpheus appears again in the back seat and shows the couple that they have now seen the luxury, and tells them what luxury now sounds like. Morpheus brings out a pitch whistle and starts to sing the opera classic Nessun Dorma.

The final shots of the commercial show Morpheus reaching the ear-shattering heights that the song is famous for, with the passing street lights exploding as they drive past and a gust of supersonic wind lifting cars in the slipstream behind the KIA K 900.

The KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2015 

KIA Super Bowl Commercial 2015

The ad, titled The Perfect Getaway Vehicle, stars former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan as he is pitched for the KIA commercial. Brosnan tries to imagine it all, but given a career mostly as a suave action star, he misunderstands the slightly more realistic style that the brand is going for.

The clip showcases the fit 61-year-old sitting in a luxurious office waiting to line up his next globetrotting onscreen adventure, only to have his hopes dashed.

His agent, after heaping on the sycophantic praise, says: 'Pierce, I got a role that is perfect for you man.'

'Don't tell me,' Pierce says confidently,’ Action-adventure.'
'Sort of,' his agent says carefully. 'Picture this we open on you driving a beautiful car up a snowy mountain road. You going...'

'200 miles per hour?' the actor asks hopefully.
'No, 30.'

Soon every expectation is disappointed for Pierce as he learns he will not be contending with snipers and missile launchers but instead will have to settle for pleasant encounters with natural beauty and wildlife while driving a modest KIA Sorento.

The vehicle his agent is pitching - a fuel efficient family SUV - is a far cry from the zippy super cars he is used to in his various action movie roles.

But just when he thinks all hope is lost he asks if the scene he is being pitched ends in an explosion - to which he is also disappointed to learn does not happen.

He does however get some fireworks in the form of a lovely woman waiting for him in a snowy cabin his modest car arrives to at the end of the pitch.

And with the hint of romance at the end, Pierce finally looks satisfied.

The advert just made me think at last but not the least KIA had all the tricks up their sleeves and I for sheer reason couldn’t depict out a single reason for not liking the add. It was fantabulous !!!!!!!!!

KIA has not only given us some of the most affordable, thrilling, well designed cars but has also given us some fantastic, enjoyable ads. With a huge range of cars available, from sporty hatchbacks to luxury sedans, KIA continues to thrill drivers on the roads as well as entertain the audiences watching the television at home. With design, imagination and fun at the heart of KIA, they aim to put driving pleasure back into motoring!