Monday, 18 November 2013

The Features of the All New Kia Rondo

The impressive KIA Rondo packs an extraordinary amount of flexibility and functionality for its size, especially considering its bargain price compared with similar vehicles on the market. Being a cross between a people carrier and a hatchback, the Kia Rondo is a popular choice for its compact size, fuel economy. Being a nimble and agile vehicle to drive, the Kia Rondo makes for a perfect addition for any small family.

KIA Rondo


The interior of the Kia Rondo is filled with storage options that employ a clever use of space considering its compact crossover label. Being nicely kitted out from the base model upwards, the Kia Rondo is available in a 2.0L petrol GDI engine as well as the 1.7L diesel.The Kia Rondo in both its engine choices features fuel economy that goes the distance while not hindering on performance.

KIA Rondo Specification


Being one of the most versatile people carriers on the market, the Kia Rondo features second-row seats that employ split folding of each of the three individual seats for maximum versatility in allowing seating configurations that suit your needs as a people mover or to shuttle a little cargo at the last minute. Also featuring a panoramic sunroof on the platinum model, this whole roof window allows natural light to light the interior, giving a beautiful panoramic view for the passengers, whilst allowing ventilation around the cabin when needed.


The Kia Rondo features a tall body that is also wide for extra comfort for the passengers. This intelligently designed use of space means that all 7 passengers can fit snug and comfortable, each with a roomy seat all to themselves. The two seats at the front offer the driver and passenger a roomy space to navigate with an unparalleled viewing of the road ahead. The three seats directly behind the driver and second passenger offer great leg room and can easily seat three adults comfortably.


The rear of a people mover is where a great multiple person vehicles makes its mark, and the Kia Rondo sets the bar impressively high. With a huge amount of space when the third-row seats are laid down. The storage space has been maximised throughout the vehicle and even adds extra storage space behind the first row seats under the floor. It is with the intelligent use of space when designing their vehicles that have made KIA one of the most imaginative and innovative car interior designers these past few years.

Spacious Cargo Room

In short, the Kia Rondo is an excellent vehicle for small or large families that need a reliable multiple people carrier that makes great use of space and saves on fuel costs. With great attention to detail, KIA has made a people mover that is great to drive and comfortable for all seven passengers, no matter how long the journey. With upgrades on many features to the top model on offer, even the standard base Kia Rondo offers all of the comfort and ability of a much more premium costing MPV on the market, at a reasonable price without compromising performance and features.

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