Wednesday, 6 September 2017

10 Technologies Which will Make You an Innovative Car Owner

In early 18th century cars were used for transportation then it became a symbol of taste and family status. But now car is a necessity and we have to spend nearly 20-25% of the day in a car. A statistics shows that, the average driver logs 13,476 miles per year (37 miles a day) and spend 50 hours a year in traffic jam which has doubled in last 30 years.
Essentially your cars are becoming the second home. So it’s not enough anymore to design standard functional cars that only performs all the traditional automobile tasks. We need our cars to be smart, easy to use, and comfortable with all the new technology in it. For this reason automakers and tech companies have been designing innovative car features time to time to improve your driving experience.
Here are 10 Technologies which will make you an innovative Car Owner -

Car to Car Communication

Vehicle to vehicle or car to car communication is a new step taken by the tech experts in the car technology world. It’s a process to inform other vehicles about your position or speed once the vehicles are connected with each other to avoid crashes. They can also change their route if necessary based on real time information. This can help reduce traffic in case of accidents or natural calamities or other road issues.

Stress detecting Car: Really!

A car seat capable of detecting your stress was unveiled during a Connected Car expo in Los Angeles in November, 2015. This was developed for the drivers to keep them focused and comfortable. This cars can measure factors like heart rate, stress level and employ counter measurements such as activating massage therapy. Car will notify the driver if he/she wants to activate it or not. Isn’t it incredible? So why spend extra money when you can get a free message from your car!

Cars with Advanced Touch Screen display

Automobile manufacturers have already made cars smart and easier to use. Touch screen display is one of them. It’s just like an I-pad. These screens accommodate you with video chats, video games, information about your car. This feature might still be a perk but soon it will become an expected necessity.

Driver-less Car: Wait What!

The driverless car is not a new thing on the plate because Google launched its self-driving cars almost 7 years ago. But it’s taking a lot more time to go mainstream. Well, nothing happens for no reason. The most vital issue with these cars was their slow speed. But these cars are very unlikely to make any mistakes. Though it’s a software and no human would be in charge of it, it can be risky people says but you have to take some risks if you want a better life. Isn’t it!!

Digital Dashboard

Suppose you are traveling and you need to find a hotel nearby. What are you going to do? First thing that will cross your mind is to take your smart phone and search for it or use the GPS. If you are driving you might fumble with your phone and might happen any bad occurrence. But what if your car system is linked to whatever cloud service you are using on your smartphone or tablets allowing you to keep up with texts or calls or mails and you just open an app of your need with voice command and search for whatever you need. Visioning this, by 2020 your car dashboard will resemble a giant iPad with a voice controlled system. These digital dashboards may turn your smartphone into a wireless router or they can connect it with Bluetooth device like Kia’s UVO.


Most of the technologies that we are thinking our future car should have or can make us an innovative car owner won’t even work if the car does not have a hotspot. Technologists are expecting to boast over 10 million vehicles with WI-Fi technology by 2021. Having Wi-Fi built into your car has its own unique advantage. In comparison to your cell phone's hotspot, the car will have a bigger antenna and stronger signal which will results in much enjoyment for others and the driver will get time to time updates of the condition of the roads. But what do you think apart from all the advantages, is it safe for the driver as everyone is addicted to social media activities? Well, every good thing comes with some bad thing which we eventually have to learn to avoid for our own safety.

Bio-metric Vehicle Access

There was a time when keys were used to open cars locks but now we have seen the evolution from using the key to being keyless. And now the tech experts are working on more advanced systems like fingerprint or retina scanner to open your car lock which can help to reduce car hijacking. This technology sounds familiar and easy too as people are also using this on their smart phones. So why not use it for our cars to take it to a next level?

Smart Cars like Smart Phones

Smart phone was like a dream in the past but it's reality now. Soon smart cars will be a part of our day to day life. Google launched its Android Auto (a telematics software) to connect with the car’s dashboard. Bunch of car makers like Kia, Jeep, Ford, Fiat, Infiniti, Volvo etc. are interested to use Android Auto in their cars. It can give the drivers access to GPS, maps, Streaming music, weather etc. Apple is certainly not lacking behind in this technology. Apple’s software ‘Car Play’ was liked by some big branded car makers like BMW, JLR, Honda and Hyundai.

Precollision Technology

A pre-collision assist and pedestrian detection technology have been developed by top car makers like Hyundai and Ford. If the driver is asleep or not focusing on the road then this software will alert the driver. This software can also apply the break system if the driver does not respond to the warning.

Solar Car Chargers

Solar Panels can charge your car battery, power the air condition or the infotainment system at long as its sunny outside. This can also improve your car’s mileage.

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