Monday, 14 May 2018

5 Car Accessories to Keep You Safe on the Road

As we’ve discussed in our previous blog posts, road safety remains one of the biggest concerns for the community and is something we are working towards improving on an ongoing basis. More often than not, these efforts start at the individual level; driving in a responsible way and looking to obey road laws at all times. Interestingly, there are a number of car accessories developed by KIA and other providers that can help you be safer on the road. This article will go through just a few of them.

Blind Spot Mirrors

If you’re a driver, you’ll be well aware of what the blind spot is and how it needs to be checked by a full turn of the head while driving, particularly when changing lanes. Located in the back right and back left or the vehicle, this is a part of the road that you can’t see with mirrors or in your peripherals.

These 2-inch blind spot mirrors are attached to your standard side mirrors and are angled in such a way that you can see exactly what’s happening all around the car with a simple glance to the side, rather than a head turn.

Seatbelt Cutter/Window Breaker

While chances are you’ll never need it, the Rescue Me seatbelt cutter and Window Breaker is a handy tool to have in the case of emergencies. There are a number of cases where accidents have left passengers in a car trapped and unable to climb out - the door may be unable to be opened or the seatbelt may be stuck. 

Keeping this device in your car can help you out of these kinds of situations as it will quickly and efficiently cut your seatbelt and break the windshield or window glass, providing a means of escape.

For a better understanding of seatbelt cutter, you can check out this video.

Dashboard Video Recorder

This may not actively prevent an accident, but it can certainly save you from a lot of headaches if there is some kind of dispute between yourself and another motorist. If you’re in an accident for instance and it is not clear who is at fault or exactly what happened, the video recorder will help set the record straight.

Further, it stands to reason that in the future all cars will be fitted with cameras, ensuring that we have as much information about what’s happening on our roads and make informed decisions about how to improve safety.

Are you interested to know about dashboard cameras? Then watch out this worthy video. 

Rain Repellent

Rainy weather conditions often contribute to poor visibility, which can certainly contribute to drivers making mistakes which can potentially lead to accidents. Rain-X Rain Repellent might sound too good to be true, but it can help keep the rain off your windshield and improve visibility significantly. 

Applied to your windscreen before you hit the road, it causes the rain to slide off the glass once it lands. When used together with your windshield wipers, it can be highly effective.

The attached video shows the test and review of Rain Repellent. Click this to know much more about it.

Emergency Kit

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re out on the road; so having a road emergency kit in the boot is always a good idea. Usually, these packs will include first aid kit including bandages and scissors, duct tape, various tools such as screwdrivers, a flashlight, a rain poncho and safety vest, cable ties and possibly even rations.

These items can be purchased in a package or separately, but they can be well worth having with you not just for your own safety, but for that of other motorists if you happen to come across the aftermath of an accident on the road.

These are just a few of the extra accessories on the market that can help you stay safer when driving and also don't forget to scrutinise your car from authorised Kia service Centre. For more information about available Kia accessories and service related queries, talk to the team at Chadstone Kia today.

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